Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beanie's (so called) 1st Bento!

In the box:  Nutella pooh shaped bread & berries

I didn't take any pic of theis bento. It was meant for Z but my boy rushed off from the car this morning when I send them to school.  Haiz...  LZdaddy is not in town again..   Since Beanie yet to have his breakfast, he finished it for Z.  I think he likes it!  He kept looking at the cute pooh shaped bread and smiled.   Hmmm... I think I should name this as my bento #199.


jean said...

your children are so blessed to have u cos all your bentos are so nice and deliciously looking hehehe.... i think my daughter will like it but i don't have the patience to do it :-)


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