Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Quiet Mother's Day

Since we already celebrated Mother's Day with our extended family last week, we don't intend to celebrate it again.   LZ have exams tomorrow and both my older babies are busy studying...

Of coz my LZ didn't forget it. They made cards for me!  Z drew 2 cards and L was so sweet to put Beanie's name in for the card she made.  All these was done many days ago....  They were actually very excited..  Few days ago, LZdaddy gave them extra pocket money so that they can get something for me from their school bookshop.  They were very disappointed that all the flowers were sold out by the time they go there during recess.  My sweet babies massage for me instead and Beanie danced for me with the 'Nobody nobody' song.   

It doesn't matter if we celebrate the occasion or whether I received any flowers....   What most important is that my family is with me.  Thank you my Babies... Mommy loves all of you!!


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