Friday, May 21, 2010

Bento #200 - Lunch

In the box: Bear shaped rice, taukua, pork fried with veg & baby corn,  grapes & blackberries.

Today is Z's last lesson of chess and he will complete the beginner course and I convinced him to use this cute bento box that I bought recently.   My kids sometimes choose which bento boxes they want to use.

Can't believe that I have prepared more than 200 bento for my family!  Most of it are for my princess.  It all started because of her and we both like cute things and also she used to be fussy about food.  But not anymore!  I think making the food looks cute does help.


Angie said...

Gorgeous bento!!!

Congrats on your 200th bento!!! you are my idol, always! i strive to be like you.

Jocelyn said...

Wow 200+ bentos... You're definitely our idol and I'm hoping I can be as determined as you and prepare bentos for my girl when she goes to primary school.

By the way, can I ask where did you brought your bento boxes usually?

Shana said...

Looking forward to seeing the 300th, 400th bentos!! ^_^

LZmommy said...


Thank you Angie... 你才是我的偶像! =)

Thank you Jocelyn :) I'm sure you will prepare for your girl and will be as determined :) You wouldn't want you girl to be eating the same food for the next 6 years :p

Thank you Shana :) I hope so too and as long as my kids want it, I will prepare for them. :)

Blessed mum said...

this is just too cute to be eaten!

and congrats to Z!!!

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