Monday, May 17, 2010

Bento #198 (2 sets) - Lunch

In the boxes: Fried mee tai mak with pork & Japanese fishcakes, Anpanman crackers, tomatoes & raspberries.

Mee tai mak is one of those noodles that I often have in my fridge.  I cook it whenever I am lazy and want to prepare a quick meal for my 3 babies.  Beanie likes it with soup and my 2 older ones like it fried.   They have not have this for quite a while so I decided to prepare this for their bento today.

I wanted to fry more so that I can pack some for LZdaddy as well but too bad, I have a packet of it only and he is left with one small bowl of it for breakfast.


Angeleyes said...

Hi Jane! Been a looooong time since I pop by! Was having some problems loading your site previously so did not try after a few failed loadings.

Your Beanie is such a big boy now!

Can't believe you still have the time to pack bentos with 3 kids! I am finding it harder to do now even I only have 2 kids!

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