Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This year PTM (Parents-Teacher-Meeting) is quite unlike from the past 2 years.  We need only go to 1 place for the meeting and we arranged the timing one after another.   We looked forward to getting their results (we already knew their papers results but not the overall results).

This is Z's FIRST exams and PTM (primary school).  We heard very positive comments from Z's teachers about him.  He has made us proud!  He scored more than 90% for all his subjects, including Chinese!  He scores full marks for English oral composition "My hobby - drawing".   He brought along his best art piece and presented to his class.  For Chinese, I think he did quite well, otherwise I don't think he will scores more than 90%.  It was 我最喜欢的水果- 西瓜。He brought along a big slice of watermelon for the oral which he finished in class. Haha..

Z's form teacher said he is a very helpful boy who often helps those that need help in their studies.  She also said that he is very obedient and focus in class.  The only thing that he needs to improve on is to remember to hand in papers that we need to sign on time.  Oops!! We are at fault...

I remembered my boy often tells me he wants to get all the badges and he strives to be a good student and do well in his studies.  He hopes he will be appointed as a prefect when he goes to P3.   Looks like my boy is trying his best to work towards his dream.

My girl did well for her exams too!  What surprises me was her Science!  She was the 3rd highest for Science.. Honestly, I thought she may fail it coz the night before the paper, she was rushing to finish the topics. We were so worried....  She was not confident with the Science paper at all and kept telling what if she fails and she can't find her Science textbook the day before the exams!  It is so unlike her... I told her to try her best and even if she scores just above 50%, I know she did her best. She listed Science as her least preferred subject before exams and now, it is her 2nd favourite (Maths is her favourite). Haha....

L did very well for her Maths too!  I better mention that LZdaddy was the one who coach her on both the subjects.  Hehe...  We pulled her out from the Maths tuition this year and decided that LZdaddy would coach her on these 2 subjects. I think we made the right move.  Yes, even though he travels often, he makes efforts to coach her whenever he is in town.

The other 2 subjects that I helped her with, the results drop a little.  And we send her for tuition for these 2 subjects!  I am thinking of switching her to another tuition center or perhaps she should spend more time at home and I coach her.  According the teachers, it is expected that these 2 subjects to drop a little.  Sweetie, mommy is very sorry...

Overall, we are very HAPPY with our Babies' results.  LZ hope they will score better than this mid year exams and I know my babies will do their best.


blurblur said...

Well done LZ!! And you deserve a pat on your shoulder too, Jane...:)

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