Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beanie @ 15 Months

@ 15 Months Old

♥ one of the molars is growing out and looks like the other first molars are growing out too.  His gum is swollen.
♥ Words that he can says (can't remember all) : papa, mama, jeje (姐姐), gege (哥哥 - we try to get him to say korkor but he can't say it yet so we taught him 哥哥 in mandarin), Bob (Bob the Buider), pen (as in 'open'), car, nack (as in 'snack'), etc  Terrible mommy cannot remember all
♥ he is able to climb up & down beds (including ours) & sofa without any help
♥ when he wants something, he either point it to you, try to say the words or pull us to the place to get it.
♥ nod or shake his head to indicate if he wants or not.
♥ when he wants milk, he says 'nen nen' and lie down on the bed. So cute!  He is so used to me breastfeeding him on the bed.

Beanie definitely does better than what I mentioned here but I was too lazy sometimes to note down what he has achieved.  My little one is growing up so fast....


Blessed mum said...

you sure didn't do him justice with so little! :P He is one smart boy!

LZmommy said...

Thanks Blessed Mum :) After posting this, I realised I missed out many things that he achieved :P Will have to post it together with his new updates.

Oliveoylz said...

Oh so cute that he goes lie down and wait for his "food"...hhaha. Mine is climbing up our bed too...aiyoyo. I thought she's a girl? hehe.

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