Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exams Over!

Hurray!  Exams over!!!!  Time for my babies to relax and have a very good meal at their favourite restaurant, Swensen.

This is my rascal First exams.  He thinks he will scores well for all subjects and already planning what reward he wants.  Haha...  I think he will do well too.  Hehe... 
My princess thinks she will do well for her Maths coz she has LZdaddy to coach her.  She is not confident with her Chinese & Science. This is the First year she is taking Science and that's why she is not so confident. She thinks her English & Chinese results will drop as she has compo from this year onwards.

Little Beanie enjoyed too!  He ate so much!

He ate & ate...

And finished a plate of spaghetti too!  Sometimes, I wonder if he ate too much... He is only abt 14+ month old and yet he ate a plate of it and fries and soup!
We told our babies that they will get a present each if they score band 1 for all subjects.  I know regardless of what their results are, we will buy them something. Both of them put in efforts in their studies.  


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