Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Brothers

These pics may not be very clear but it is priceless and precious to me.   Pics were taken after meal at the foodcourt.  Z most of the time finishes his food fast and once he finishes, he will go over to his brother and play with him.

Love the way he says "Didi, hug gorgor!" "Didi, give gorgor a kiss!" Sometimes his baby brother pushes him away and sometimes does what the gorgor ask him to do.  When Beanie was a newborn, Z doesn't really know how to play with him but now that he is older, the brothers spent lots of time playing together.

Beanie is so used to showering together with Z nowadays.  When it is time to shower, he looks for his gorgor.  Z will get their towels (or Beanie sometimes take his own towel first) and both happily go to the bathroom.

Just a a couple of weeks back, Z said "Didi doesn't love me..." That was because Didi pushed him away sometimes when Z tried to kiss him.  Even though Didi did that, it didn't stop Z from loving his baby brother.  Now, the two are very close and I don't hear Z says that anymore.   I definitely think that letting the boys shower together was a good move! It gives them more time to bond and have fun together.  The boys are inseparable now!  Haha....


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