Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ask Mr Google

Pic taken today
The other day (27th Jan), in front of our car (at the carpartk), was a very tall tree.  It reminded him of Statue of Liberty (click on the words to find out more).  Hmmm....  I wonder why it reminded him of it!  I have been there, read about it but can't recall the story.  Love my hp!  I was able to give him the answer after asking Mr Google!

Z loves to ask lots of WHYs and I love it when he tries to find the answer. At home, I would usually ask him to google it himself if none of us can give him the answer.  When he reads the encyclopedia (any one of it), he would often come to us and ask, "do you know why...."   Not that he is trying to 'show off', he likes to share what he learns.

Love what you are doing, my dear son...  Continue with your this attitude towards learning!


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