Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beanie @ 35 Months

Little one celebrated CNY in school today. He's wearing his bro's old CNY costume and it fit perfectly! Z wore this for CNY 2007, he was 3+yr old then. Haha!  I don't have such good memory to remember when, I scrolled through my blogs to find it!

I am trying to get him to drink other milk and to stop breastfeeding him. My plan is to stop breastfeeding when he turns 3.  It is indeed a challenge to get him to quit...  He doesn't like formula milk at all... He does drink fresh milk but as soon as he finishes it, he asks for me to feed him.  Sigh...  It will probably takes some the get him to quit, especially when he is such a sweet talker.  I give in whenever he 'sweet talk' to me.

@ 35 Months

♥ (28/12) He is learning to shower on his own (he requested it) and he enjoys it.  I think he is too young but I enjoy watching him learning how to.  Very often there's lots of laughter and I think even our neighbour can hear us.

♥ Have started toilet training him (07/Jan) last month and so far he is doing good, 'accident' at times.  He was so happy when he puts on his favourite 'Fireman Sam' underwear for the first time! And he didn't wet it at all!

♥ (18/1) he enjoys doing things that takes challenge.  For instance, I received this free paper clips & colour cards (from blogger friend, Pauline), every other day, he spends lots of time practicing how to clip it on the card according to the colour.

♥ (29/12) Asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, he said "Fireman! Want to rescue people!" Needless to say isn't it?  Since he likes fireman Sam so much!

♥ Love the conversation L had with him (3/Jan).  Also, posting a video which was recorded in Dec.
L: are you a cute cute boy?
B: Yes!
L: Are you handsome or ugly?
B: Handsome boy!
♥ (4/Jan) Little one is such a nagger nowadays...  For instance, during bedtime, he was lying next to me trying to sleep.  I wasn't sleepy so played with my hp.  He nagged at me,"mommy you playing games?  Mommy please sleep."  He said that not once, but many times! Ha!

♥ I always like to ask him this and love his reply.
Me: Do you love papa or mama?
B: I love mama, love papa, love gorgor, love jiejie.

♥ (18/Jan) Little one is so sweet....  I lied on the bed and was complaining cold, upon hearing it, he said "I turn off the fan for you!"  Love you so much my little one!


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