Saturday, January 21, 2012

Puppy Love!?

Nowadays, kids start talking about 'love' at a very young age.  Kids as young as P1 are already talking about who has a crush on who! *faint*  I hear all these from my kids, especially my gal!  Yeah, she tells me who has a crush on who, from which class blah blah blah.  Boys 'declaring' their 'love' for who and so on...  Tsk! tsk!  I don't remember starting that young!  Or am I 'old fashion'?!

Needless to say, my gal had a crush on someone.  I'm not going to reveal who he was, otherwise my gal gonna strangle me if I do post it here! Haha! Noticed I used to word "had"?  Recently my gal told me she doesn't like anyone in school anymore.  That was because after chatting with her friends and after some serious thinking, she decided that her studies should be her priority for now.  Phew!  See, it's good that I left her alone to sort it out than to force her to focus on her study or to nag at her.  Haha...

As for my 老二,  he has a crush too in P2!  *double faint*  But it's purely admiration.  It so happen that the girl in class is very good in her study and top the class.   So this year, same thing, he has a crush on a girl who is good in her study too and also in CO.  But I'm glad my boy knows his priority for now is his study.   At least he's NOT going around declaring his 'love' too!  Haha! 

Well, as their mommy, obviously I hope they will focus on their studies first.  I secretly wish that they would stop talking about this till they are older.  Hey!  It works for me!  Hehe....


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