Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reunion @ Home 2012

This is the first time I hosted reunion lunch at our own house on CNY's eve!  And also the FIRST time my parents joined us!

Since my parents moved to their new place, we have decided to host this year reunion at our house and it is easier for my mom.  Dad has not been the same since his stroke, mom has to take care of him full time and we just want them to relax and have a good meal. And my dad is on soft diet, so if we eat out, he won't be able to enjoy the food.  I could see the joy in his eyes and how happy he was, even though he wasn't eating most of the food.  I'm glad we made the right decision, to have them over at our house.

After sending my parents home, we headed down to my MIL's house for reunion dinner as usual.

Here's a pic of my kiddos in their new pajamas before bedtime!


Angeline said...

I have the same pajamas as L!!! Mine's pink! *wink*

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