Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Beanie First Day @ School

First day in a new environment, new teachers and new friends...  He was very excited this morning, having new water bottle, new uniform.  But when we get to the school, he was very shy, reluctant to go into his classroom. It was what we anticipated on his first day of school.  After much coaxing, he only went in because we told him we would be there throughout with him.  As you can see from the pic (bottom right), he hold on to my leg even when teachers brought them to the toilet.

The class was chaotic, with kids crying.  We were glad that he was willing to join in some of the activities.  Teachers gave them some colour pencils and crayons and Beanie was happy to be able to doodle.  He was full of smiles when teacher Rani praised him for his doodling.
 When the class seemed to be out of control (soon), teacher Chatna brought the kids out to the playground.  Well, it worked!  Beanie was happy to be playing there, of coz he kept his eyes on us, making sure we were still there.  After a round of fun at the playground, the kids were much better.  Beanie played with the toys and at the same time observing his surroundings.
Of coz we don't expect him to get used to the new school within a day.  It will probably takes him a longer time as he is a very clingy to me compared to his siblings.   Hopefully things will be better as time goes.


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