Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School Updates - Beanie

Beanie cries when reaches classroom.    It is getting lesser but he still does.  This morning, he cried the moment I left him there.

I was concerned....  So I asked the teacher when I picked him up.  Teacher C said he is much better compared to when he just started.  He stopped crying when the teachers asked the kids to queue up, maybe less than 5 mins after I leave.  I was relieved to hear that...

Every morning, when I get him ready for school, he is fine.  In fact, he is so happy!  I asked him if he wants to go to school, he said yes.  When I pick him up, he often looks very happy and tells me what he does and what he eats and drink during break.  He also told me he likes his form teacher & 老师.

He is probably too attached to me.. I shouldn't worry too much about it as long as he looks forward to school.


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