Monday, January 30, 2012

Bento #295 (2 sets) - Lunch

In the boxes: Homemade fried chicken nuggets, apple, corn & soba. Next to boxes: Bear shaped bread balls with pork floss. (Seaweed for soba not in pic)

Today besides the usual bentos, I prepared 2 little bread balls for their breaks.  They usually have breaks on CCA days and I will pack extra snacks for them.  Can't prepare too much for their breaks as Z usually has only 5 mins of it and L will finishes it before even its her break time!  Then I will hear her complaining she's putting on weight! Haha... 

My poor boy did not have time to finish his bento today. He was the last leave and teacher asked him to clean up the classroom.  Left with little time to eat and he had to go for CO.

 I packed the bears and a small choc bar each into small transparent goody bags. 
Little one had the same thing for lunch.  He was so happy when he knew what we were having for lunch and said "Yay mommy!  Hurry!  Let's go home and have our cold noodle!"


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