Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Beanie 2nd Day @ School

 Second day was so much better!  He was more at ease and able to sit down at the table on his own, without us having to squat next to him.  He listen to story telling and picked toys that he wanted to play with or books that he wanted to read.   Less crying from the classmates too.
One of the reasons he probably looks forward to going to school was the playground.  We could see that he really enjoys it there.
Back to the classroom, he played with more toys.  This time, we moved out of the classroom and observed him.  I told him we will wait for him outside and he was ok with it.  So far so good.   The proper lesson will starts next week, this 3 days were for the kids to get used to the new environment. The drama will probably begins when we have to leave him there and hope it will not be too long before he settles in.


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