Sunday, January 01, 2012

HSBC Treetop Walk

 Something interesting for LZfamily to do on the first day of 2012!  Not that they asked for it, just that mommy wants more exercise time for the family!  Hehe... 
The kids had no idea what to expect, especially the youngest.    They thought it's gonna be the same with what we did before.  A short walk!  Something that tempted them to go along with it was the bridge!  Haha!  Well, it was worth it.  They enjoyed it, no doubt it was very tiring... 
We enjoyed the view though we can't stay long there as there were more people coming in...
 They did complained a little when we were trekking...  Asking me how long more before we reached.  The only thing I said was we will be there soon.   Along the way, we spotted spiders, iguana, monkey etc...  So these actually kept them busied for a while. 
 At the mid point, we spotted many monkeys and on the way back too.   We witnessed one monkey snatching one of the passerby's snack!  The little boy was stunned and cried for a long time... 
 The last thing we saw before heading back home...  A millipede!  
I am proud of my little ones!  They were able to complete it and we reached the treetop walk!  Even my little one tried to walk more than half of the journey!


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