Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to School 2012

First day of school for my kiddos with their new uniforms!  My older babies looked like they were still in their dreamland, need some time to get used to waking up so early again.   Little one reminded me so much of Z in the new uniform!

L looks forward to being a buddy for P1!  Her buddy is Megan, who is so unlike what she expected of.  She said her buddy "meow" alot?!   So far, my gal seemed to be a responsible buddy, doing what a buddy should do.  She 'complained' her buddy a little 'crazy' at times, doing funny things.

She sort of like her new class, with some new friends.  She has 2 classmates who has been in the same class with her since P1, WF & Kevan.  Some of them were with her since P3.  Her new form teacher used to be her PE teacher.  She is happy that her few close friends are in the same class with her. Yeah, these few girls worked very hard for the past year so that they will stay together, knowing there was streaming. I like that these girls encourage each other and strive to have good results.

Z is a very happy boy too! His few good friends are in the same class with him!  Their results are all so similar!  He told me he has a very nice form teacher.  Phew! He is all excited about learning science!  A new subject for him this year and loves it.

This year, both LZ will have different recess time.  L will no longer be able to take care of Z.
Now, my little one.  I will be doing another post or more on his first few days of school.  This morning he was so excited! My happy boy likes his new uniform and hope he likes his new school too!


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