Saturday, October 21, 2006

Day Out To The Farms

L's fever has subsided so we decided to carry on with our plans to go out with their godparents. We went to the farmart at choa chu kang. It was our 1st visit and we like that place. We went to Hay's goat farm and a bird farm too but they were closed :( We were driving around looking for other farms to visit and we were lucky to find the frog farm that was still open. My! There was lots of frogs and L & Z fed the fishes in the pond too.
After the farm visit, we went to Raffles Marina for dinner. L & Z had fun running around the place. The food and the view were great! The last time I went there was for our photo shoot. 6yrs later, I was there with my babies. Time passes very fast....

It was time to say goodbye to godparents and my girl.... L will be staying overnight with them tonight! Ohhhh... We'll miss her tonight. She was all excited abt it and told me that she will miss us.


Elaine said...

Have you been to Kranji Countryside? I think your kids will like it.
Ps. I have not been there yet ;p

MyBabies said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Will try to find time to go there. :) Will let you know more if I'm going.

MyBabies said...

Errr.. I just realised that these places that we visited are at Kranji (after looking at the website). Hehehe...

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