Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Parents-Teacher Session

School pushed forward the PTS for K1.... Probably they knew lots of us are planning to leave the school. Our meeting with her teacher was at 1730hr.

We started the session with her English teacher, Ms L. She told us that L is progressing very well for her social & development skills. She highlighted that L can read very well which I doubted.... Miss L knew that I was concerned abt L's reading skills. Hmmm.... When she asked if we have any questions, we said no. I don't see the need for me to voice my concern if I have made plans. To me, the idea of having this session was for them to assure us that our kids are doing fine in school. I know that my kids have lots of fun in school but not in terms of academic.

I like the session with Ms Z. She told us the truth that my girl needs to improve on her chinese, reading skill. She also said that L has started using mandarin to converse with her too without her prompting. I have enrolled her on Chinese enrichment class next year so hopefully that will help. We do reading together too.

We found out that the school will be shifting by mid of December.... That means my babies will have to be in the new school for 2 weeks before we say goodbye.


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