Saturday, October 28, 2006

Goats & Prawning

L's right eye were swollen. DH brought her to the doc in the morning and asked him if it was alright for us to go out. Doc said it was inflammation and it was alright to go out as long as she wear her sunglass and to put eyedrop for her every hour. He knew girls like to be pretty so it's better for her to wear sunglass to avoid stares. Our Doctor huh, a very funny and nice man.
So we went to goat farm with godparents as planned. L & Z were very excited! This morning Z has been asking me "going out now?", "go feed the goat now?", "can go now?" etc.... L would remind me to put eyedrop for her every hour.

After feeding the goat, we wanted to go the bird farm but it was raining heavily. So we drove to farmart and we were glad it stopped raining when we reached farmart. We did prawning while L & Z feed the rabbits and the goats. Godparents were very sweet to take turns with us to take care of our babies. DH and me were hooked on prawning!In the evening we had our dinner at the place. The atmosphere was great, just like kampong. People do drive in just to have their dinner there.


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