Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We submitted the withdrawal letter today... Most schools need only 1 month notice but not for their school, they need 2 months, hence we submit the letter today. It was mixed feeling.... I was happy that we had finally made up our mind but at the same time, quite sad. They have been in the school for quite a long time. L has been there since she was 20 months old and Z was there since he was 18 months old. I have always been very active in their school, doing charity project or volunteer during their field trips. So I think I will miss that too.

There's lots of reasons why we need to pull them out from the school. It's not appropriate for me to mention it here. Let just say we think it's time to move on.

I have yet to break the news to them. I don't think they will have any problem taking the news. Since they like spending time with me. Sometimes L will tell me that she would like to be in school for half day and Z forever happy when I ask him if he would like to stay at home with me when he was sick.

Next year onwards, they will be in school for 3 hrs instead of full day program. We've enrolled them into a church kindergarten. I'm sooo happy that we chose this school! I don't think I can trust childcare anymore. Since 2 weeks ago, I've been looking around for enrichment programs for them. I will quitting my part time job by end of this year too. I have the job for a year so I don't think I will miss it and I've promised DH that I will only work for a year. That also means no more long hours on the computer, hehehe...... Do I look forward to it? Of coz I do! I get to spend more time with my kids and the church kindergarten is more academic. I'm already making plans what to do with them during their free time!


Anonymous said...


you finally make up your mind to withdraw them from the childcare...must have thought for a long time. Hope your children will like the church kindergarten and more time with you.


MyBabies said...

Yup! I'm very glad that we have made up our mind.

Mama Bliss said...

wah u stepping into the taitai-dom ah!!! i'm so ENVIOUS!!!! but honestly, staying home to be with you children full-time is the best gift you could give them during their growing up years!!! it's definitely positively helpful to the kids... ;) I'm so happy for you all...

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