Sunday, October 08, 2006

Peacock Artwork

Did a peacock with the shapes of their hands and feet. Slightly different from the website. Used the sticks so that it's easier for them to hold.

Things that you need:

  • construction papers
  • scotch tape
  • scissors
  • glue
  • disposable chopsticks or any sticks

    • Very simple craft. I help them to trace their hands & feet. L tried to cut the shapes and I did it for Z. They glue it themselves.


      Jan said...

      heehee....the peacock so nice and cute but hor, seriously speaking, after a whole day's work, I am really so tired to sit down and do artwork with them. even on weekends, either mostly running out doors or just lazy very horrible hor

      MyBabies said...

      Never mind la... Most important is that u spent time together. Don.t forget u need your rest too. I read your post.... The fish family! Gagaga....

      bam said...

      This looks interesting, maybe try it when sweetie's older. Wonder when she'll be able to do arts and crafts....

      MyBabies said...

      Thanks for visiting :) Let her try... It fun doing crafts with your kids. :)

      Hunny said...

      Like this craft too. Will try it with my boys soon.
      BTW, the board for the Today's Chart, I got it from Popular. It's called the Mounting Board.

      MyBabies said...

      Hope Yihang & Yixiang will like this craft too. :) Thanks for the info.

      Elaine said...

      Very nice! I think Warren will like it!

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