Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Z's Updates

Since last week, Z managed to remove his clothes without our help! Sometimes he does need L or my help but most of the time he will try to do it himself. He likes to say "I do it myself", whether he's trying to put on his shoes, wear/remove his clothes, brushing his teeth etc.... Just 2 days ago, L had just got to switch on the toilet light for him so that he could use it and he did it without asking me to go with him!

He asks lots of questions, "what you doing?", "why?", "U OK?" (esp if anyone of us will to say 'Ouch' or hurt ourselves) etc... If I'm busy in the kitchen, sometimes he will offer to help, "mommy, I help you?". I'm glad that he asks lots of questions coz to me, kids will learn more if they ask and this will be very helpful when they start school.

When he comes back from school and I ask him to clear his bag, he used to say he wants to clear only his snack box and bottle and the rest will be Jiejie or me doing it for him. Now, he will happily clear his bag! Putting things in the kitchen and laundry basket respectively. He will even help L to put her bag at the right place if she forget!

Sometimes when he play with his toys, he likes to take out lots of different toys. I have set a rule that they can only take a out a set of toys each time they want to play. Most of the times he doesn't do that( L does most of the time) and I have to remind him but lately he does! Whenever, he wants to play other toys, sometimes he will say "mommy, keep this first right?"/"1 toy only?" or try to keep the rest away first.

I think the show & tell session in school helped alot. Teacher told me that he get very excited if he bring artwork to school for the session. He will always say he did it with mommy and the teacher will ask him questions to encourage him to speak more. So I don't think I sould stop doing artwork with them. Nowadays, he will say hello to our neighbours and not hiding behind my legs. Gagaga....

He loves to show affections to us, like kissing us or say 'I love u'. What more can I ask for? I'm sooo happy with his progress!


kelly said...

Show & tell session..very interesting! He's such a sweet boy..he follows the rule you set for him and his jie jie.

Are you sending them to Chiltern House? I remember you said you like the school because it's very clean and there're separate toilets for boys and girls.

MyBabies said...

Thanks for the compliment :) Sometimes they don follow the rules too. I try not to be too strict with them otherwise they will think that they are in the army. Hehehe...

Yes I do like the school very much but unfortunately they have only the afternoon session which will end at 5pm so I registered them to a church kindergarten which ends earlier. And the new school has separate toilet for girls & boys too! :)

Jan said...

RayAnne's kinda showing the similar independence L is showing these days and she is also talking more these days too......

And I totally agree with you that when they asks lots of questions they will learn more and thus will be very helpful when they start school.

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