Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tae Kwon Do Trial Lesson

We went to check out the Tae Kwon Do class and didn't expect L to go for the trial lesson. She probably looked so keen to learn that the receptionist offered her.

Why we thought of sending her for the lesson? Well.... Because of daddy lor.... Sometimes when we are at home, daddy will be doing some kicking and punching and L would learn from him. So thought of sending her for formal training. Besides that, she will learn abt discipline and it is a healthy sport. We told her that if she wants learn this, she has to remember never to use it to fight with anyone or to bully others..

In the evening, she asked daddy to practice with her what she has learned today. And Z? He told me he wants to learn too but the minimum age is 3 1/2 yr old, so he will has to wait till next year. Meanwhile, I believe daddy will be more than happy to give them some lessons.


Jan said...

wow, then L will be our TOUGH girl lor!

MyBabies said...

Worried she might be very tomboy leh...

kelly said...

I have female friends who attended the Tae Kwan Do class during our secondary school days. They didn't turn into tomboys. It helped them stay fit and healthy. And it's good for girls as they can use the skill to protect themselves when they meet some bad guys.

So does Z communicate well? Does he speak 2 languages? Sometimes I wonder if I should concentrate on 1 language first.

MyBabies said...

Thanks :) I agreed... Will probably sign her up next month.

He's much better communicating now. Like if he doesn't like something, he will tell us and he will say hello to our neighbour too. Trying to speak to him in 2 languages and he will try too. I think we should expose them to different languages now as they are absorbing very fast. Will be signing him up for chinese enrichment class next yr to build up his interest. The class does music, rhymes, storytelling etc... and I don think it's very boring. :)

kelly said...

Qianyi likes the little Malay boy who lives next door very much..she would say hello to him and call "gor gor" loudly...The boy (who's a primary student) always looks shy when Qianyi does that. Haha..

I talk to her in 2 languages too and I found she can pronounce Chinese words more accurately. I'll continue to teach her both languages.

Does Z learn Chinese as well in school? There are both English and Chinese classes in Qianyi's school.

Be prepared that L might get some bruises after attending the tae kwon do classes.

MyBabies said...

Gagaga... Instead of Qianyi, it was the boy who was shy!

It gd that we are comminicating with them in 2 languages. He is doing chinese in school but I'll be changing their school soon so they will be spending less time in school so thought of exposing him to more chinese.

Thanks :) I'll prepare more bruise cream then. Hehehe....

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