Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Birthday Celebration

This year was slightly different from the past few yrs...... We invited my best friend, Doreen along. If William was not working, he would have joined us. Probably because of age, we always make it a small affair (very old? Nah... Just kidding! Gagaga...). There were 2 yrs that DH was not around with us. I bought cake for myself those 2 yrs, coz L & Z simply loves it! They loves blowing candles and singing bday songs. For DH's bday we had a chocolate cake which was Z's favourite so for my bday, Doreen was sooo sweet to buy a strawberry ice-cream cake, which was L's favourite.

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant along East Coast Beach. I like it there coz they serve pretty good food and they give children lots of attention. Besides giving them lots of toys and chips as giveaways, they make effort to serve them first.

We ordered lots of yummy food, sashimi, sushi, steamboat and the list goes on..... Doreen & me are Japanese food lover! After having such a heavy meal, we decided to go bk to our hse for the cake. Coz me shy lah! Gagaga....

Look at the cake! Lots of candles isn't it? Well... Doreen knew both babies like to blow candles so she asked for lots of it. Please! I'm not that old ya... :)


Elaine said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
For a moment I was shocked to see all the candles! You dont look that old! LOL!

MyBabies said...

Thank u :)
Lucky we didn't cut the cake at the restaurant :) Can't put anymore candles on it!

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