Monday, October 23, 2006

Spending Time With Daddy

It was sooo sweet of daddy.... I have made plans to meet my girlfriends for mahjong, something that I missed alot since having 2 kids. And I forgot that their school will be closed today! Daddy told me to go ahead with my plans and he will stay at home to look after them. I don't believe it! Thank you daddy! You are so sweet! :)

He went to supermarket in the morning to get some food to cook for them (before I leave). After lunch, they had ice-cream and they took a nap. When they woke up, they played games together. I am so proud of daddy that he was able to handle them alone. Hehehe... That's means I can go for more MJ session right?

In the evening, we had dinner together with our friends. It was another late night for the kids again.


Jan said...

so nice of daddy! Glad you had some ME time and you enjoyed yourself

MyBabies said...

Ya :) Hoping for more to come! Greedy hor? gagaga..

Elaine said...

Wow, you hubby can cook? Wished I have some me time too!

kelly said...

Wow, what a wonderful husband! My hubby can't handle Qianyi on his own!

MyBabies said...

He can cook simple dish, not so bad lah..

Thank you for the compliment :) Hubby will be on cloud nine if he see this. He can handle them at home but not when we are out. I'm sure your hubby can handle. :) Matter of practice. Hehehe...

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