Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Girl Has A Boyfriend!

I was chatting with D over the phone when I found out that my girl has a boyfriend! D told me that my girl had a conversation with godpa and told him she has a boyfriend, can't remember what they were talking abt that lead to this.

I was curious and I had to find out more from L while we were walking home from the supermarket.

Me: Sweetie, do you a boyfriend?
L : Mommy, why u ask?
Me : Errr... I'm just curious...
L : Yes. I have 2 boyfriends.
Me *faint*
Me : Huh? How come you have 2 boyfriends and mommy doesn't know anything? Would you like to tell me who they are?
L : Sorry mommy.... It's Harold & Ollie. We always play games together and I like them.
Me : Oh....
L : I like Harold a little but I like Ollie more. Ollie said that my hair is longer now and he noticed it. (she was smiling when she was saying this)
Me : U mean Ollie noticed when your hair is longer? He is very observant. Next time you must tell mommy ok? Mommy is sad when you don't tell me.
L : OK mommy... I tell you everything but I forgot abt this.

When she is older, we will tell her that she is too young to have a boyfriend and explain why. Right now, I'm just happy that she is telling me her feelings. :)


kelly said...

Wow, she has two boyfriends at such a young age! Haha..mummy must be worried... Hope my girl won't start so early...:p

MyBabies said...

I think daddy worry more than me Gagaga...

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