Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vivo City

This morning daddy feel like having dimsum, and the kids wanted to see Godma again. We picked godma from her home and went to Harbourfront for dimsum and then to Vivo City thereafter.

It was a mistake to go to Vivo City on a public holiday. The place was packed like sardine! What I like most was the toilet. Yes, the toilet! Z wanted to pass urine and as usual I was the one who had to bring him to the toilet. After he has used the toi;let then I realised that they have a little area (don't know what you call that) for little boys to pass urine! Wished I had taken pic of it but think ppl will be staring at me if I did that. Hehehe.... It was thoughtful of them to think of fixing 'that' in the ladies toilet. There was another great place for the kids which was the playground (top pic).


Jan said...

The toilet in Lot 1, cck has one too, think it's called the latrine leh....kekeke...i am not sure too....it's built low so the boy can relief themselves then next to it is a small and low wash basin....thumbs up....child friendly toilet.....

So the 3 of us can do our business all in the same toilet at such convenience......only wish they will do it lower and smaller sitting toilet bowls for girls....then it would be PERFECT....am i too greedy huh??? kekeke

MyBabies said...

Aiyo... Me very 'suaku' hor... Wished that too! Not all shopping mall are that child-friendly. Maybe they should fix it in the men's toilet otherwise it's always mommy bringing the boys to the toilet hor? Greedy? Not at all! :)

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