Thursday, February 08, 2007

Few Hours To Myself

It was very sweet of my parents to offer to take care of LZ while I spent some time at the salon. It was nice to feel pampered.... Wished I can go to the spa too. Too much to ask for, isn't it? Hehehe....

When is the next time that I can do that again? I wonder...... When Weekends come, I would prefer to spend time with my hubby and LZ then to be alone. DH offered that but I'm quite reluctant to spend hours away from them. Haiz... Mommy is very confused.

My parents cooked and showered for them. By the time I picked them up, they were ready for bed! They had a wonderful time bonding with grandparents. Thank you, Dad & Mom for helping out. :)


Wokking Mum said...

So lucky! My kids are so sticky, I got to sneak out when they are sleeping and be back when before they are awake. ;p

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