Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flower Festival - Sentosa

I forgot about the Flower Festival @ Sentosa (Imbiah Lookout) till L mentioned it. The theme was about nursery rhymes. Her teacher was telling about the shoe house and she's been bugging me about it. Today was the last day of the event and I told LZDaddy that we must go. We skipped visiting today and it was a good time for family bonding.

We had great fun till it started raining at 5+, anyway we have seen all the display. Pics will tell you more!
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Mama Bliss said...

wow the Flower Fest looks fabulously beautiful... looks fun too... ;)

Wokking Mum said...

I thot only flowers. So cute got humpty and shoe house there too!

LZmommy said...

The flowers were beautiful and I was glad that we made it on the last day. :)

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