Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our Weekends

Saturday - Since both were sick, we decided to stay at home and I can do spring cleaning. They watch TV and sleep while I was doing spring cleaning. I appreciate DH for spending time with them while I clean.

In the evening, while I was resting in bed ( having a very backache after all the ups & downs), L was very sweet. She told Z :
L : Didi, mommy has been cleaning all day, we let mommy rest OK? Don't disturb her.
Z : OK, jiejie....
L : Come with me, Let's pack up our playroom. Our turns now to do something. Daddy, you never do anything so you pack also.
Daddy : .........
Me : Sweetie, daddy has been working you know. You can't say that daddy never do anything, right?

They seemed to think daddy wasn't doing anything coz daddy was watching TV with them and clearing things at the same time. Think I better remind them once in a while that daddy has been working to earn money.

Yeah.... Z help by packing some of his cars and then carry on playing. L pack up all the toys, putting them back in their respective boxes..... My sweet little girl, helping out when she can..... When she asked me to take a look at their playroom, I was very touched. Oh Yes! She drew a little pic for me too! Saying that it was a reward for me. Gagaga....

Sunday - They went for the free programme at the church (where their school are) since last week and both enjoyed it. This week, L told me she would like to go again so we sent her there. As for Z, he was drowsy after medication so we let him rest. I sat thru the programme and I must say it was a very enriching. They did songs, bible lessons and games. We were glad that their teachers and principal were there too.
In the evening, we went to Great World City to do marketing and shopping. Glad that we bought their shoes for new year. See what they were doing while we shopping?


fannie said...

hi, came by thru Jan's blog.

I like the pic of ur kids playing engrossed

Jan said...

killing many many birds with one stone ah? kekeke....mommy managed to spring clean for the CNY and the kids managed to rest and daddy managed to spend time with the kiddos....kekeke

Wokking Mum said...

Ai yo! They are so sweet! I'm still waiting leh. Neck long-long liao.

LZmommy said...

Thank you for visiting :)

Yes! But hor.... Yet to finish my spring cleaning. Haiz....

Working Mum
Thank you :) Your gorgor is also a very good boy, he has been helping you alot. :)

huisia said...

Having daughter at home always sounds good, at least i feel like sometimes girls even more thoughtful than hubby..:)

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