Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Will Never Know

Of coz! How can forget abt my boy's artwork, he did this, it's a Japanese cartoon character

Z : Mommy, my pic! See?
Me : Oh! That's a cute pic! Is that a chubby mouse?
Z : No
Me : A cat?
Z : No ( he is wondering what that is too)
Me : (I gave up) Why don't you ask you teacher what is that?
Z : OK!
He happily went to his teacher and asked
Z: Teacher, what is this? (pointing at it)

Teacher told him but he has no clue what that is and when teacher told me, I have no idea too! All I know is, it is a Japanese cartoon character. Think I will never know what that is......


kelly said...

Japanese cartoon character? I don't know what it is either...But it's a nice artwork!

fannie said...

this looks familiar...but i can't remember the name for it...like ur dialogue tho :p

Anonymous said...

The character is called TOTORO. (u may go online search for Japanese Anime : My neighour TOTORO or TONARI NO TOTORO)

LZmommy said...

Thanks for telling me :)

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