Wednesday, February 28, 2007

L's Mini "Concert"

L had a mini "concert" for her chinese enrichment class and parents were invited. It was to let us know what have they been learning and and at the same time teacher did a assessment and discuss with us too.

L completed one of the designated syllabus and below is her assessment based on that.

Listening Ability - A
Speaking Ability - A
Reading Ability - A
Assessment Grade - Very Good

Teacher praised her, saying that L is very keen to learn and she capture fast. She also said that L is a very active child and she's wondering where her energy comes from coz after 1 1/2 her of lesson and performance, she is still running around! Not forgetting that the lesson was after school too! Must be on the chocolates, fatty meat, durians & chili crabs etc that I had when I was pregnant with her! Gagaga....

I am very happy with her progress :) When she speaks mandarin, she doesn't have that slang anymore!


kelly said...

Well done L! Qianyi's full of energy too..Is it something to do with chocolate? I love chocolate and i ate a lot when I was pregnant. :p

Jan said...

you should be proud of L...she is such a darling leh!!! I am proud of her too!

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