Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lovely Dinner

After LZ attended the church programme, we decided to go to East Coast for seafood. I told daddy to treat it as a Valentine dinner. Why not? Since that day will be a weekday and 老夫老妻了, we don''t have to make a big fuss about it. It will be Valentine''s Day everyday so long we are happy together and besides that, there will be no one to help us to look after LZ.

We were happy that we got a table that was next to the window. Looking at people jogging, blading and strolling. We spent 2 hours having our dinner, eating seafood and especially my favourite, chilli crabs. LZ were very well behaved throughout and we appreciate that. In fact nowadays having meals with them are wonderful, they are eating on their own and they don''t need much attention.


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