Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reckless Driver

We were on our way to Ikea when we were almost had a car accident..... We saw it was red light for the opposite direction and thought it was safe to do a U-turn and especially there was a big truck ahead of us. When DH was making the turn, we saw a car coming towards us, it was so close! It almost bang onto my side!

For that few seconds, I thought that's it! I'm going to die (silly me).... Is my boy alright( he was sitting behind me)? What will happen to my babies? Who will take care of them? etc.... I can't leave my hubby & my babies! DH was very mad! How could the driver be so reckless? It took me quite some time to calm down. Thank God all of us were alright..... Good thing we put on our seat belts and LZ were on their car seats too. DH apologised but I told him it wasn't his fault and he shouldn't blame himself. It was red light for that driver and it was supposed to be safe for us to to turn!

Thinking back, I thought I think too much. Maybe I did..... But at that moment, all those thoughts just came to me. I don't want anything to happen to my love ones. I have to take good care of myself, so that I will be around for DH and my babies. I can't bear to leave them....... And I hope they feel the same way too.


janice said...

Life is really fragile. Can understand your fright! Thank goodness all is safe.

fannie said...

i would have the same thoughts if I were u. What matters is everything is well...Happy New Year! :)

Jan said...

oh dear....thank goodness you and your babies are all okay!!! I got so worried and scared just reading your post....

thank god thank god

vi said...

close shave. thank heavens all of u are safe! should take down the car plate & nail that fella!

Wokking Mum said...

Thank God 有惊无险!

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