Tuesday, February 06, 2007


L had her 1St spelling test on 30th Jan, Tuesday and there was 5 words. She scored full marks! She had her spelling (6 words) today and she did it again. Well done, sweetie!

She has been learning spelling like months (January, February,etc....) and numbers, These were taught by me. We usually do it while we were walking to school, having a chat, or showering. She shows great interest in learning. Nowadays, she try to write in sentences too and if she doesn't know how to spell the words, she will ask and she usually can remember. Sometimes, while we were chatting, we talked about who's birthday is on which month and then she will try spelling it.

She learning more compared to her previous school. I'm glad that we made the decision to change them to another school. She used to come telling me she did nothing in school but now, she has been telling what they did and when teachers praise her.


fannie said...

good job for L! it just makes u so happy when they are doing so well!

LZmommy said...

Yes, sure do! :) I'm a very happy mom!

Jan said...

wow...i am impressed...those are hard words for kids around L's age leh!

You taught them well dear....give yourself a pat!

LZmommy said...

No lah :) I must say that her teacher & principal has taught her well too. Of coz, a pat for myself too. Hehehe...

Wokking Mum said...

Wow! Good work L and mommy! Must have put it a lot of hard work!

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