Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bento #8

This is what my girl had for her recess. I passed it to her today while I was in school for my library duty. For Wednesdays, I will prepare snacks for her as she wants to finish fast so that she can spend time with me in the library. So sweet right? :) On other days, I will prepare for her upon her requests or when I am not lazy :p

Ham & cheese sushi roll with wholemeal bread & strawberries.


Anonymous said...

hi , nice to see ur bento

great job, i got ur blog from bayb supplies forum

can i know how u make the bread shapes, >
just by moulds for agar agar kind?

correspond at


LZmommy said...

Thank yot for vsiting :)

I used small sushi mat to roll it.

Out of curiousity, I am not a member of bayb supplies forum. May I know how come my blog is listed there? :)

mamabliss said...

oooh the bento looks so yummy... it's making me hungry teehehe

anne said...

anne...again.that time dunnoe how to logon as google account. Made a mistake. Ur blog arent on bayb supplies..but a group of mums evolved from there

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