Sunday, February 10, 2008

2ND Day Of CNY

L had a slight nose bleeding, must be the heatiness and it has stopped. Other than that, she is feeling much better. Poor girl... She wanted to eat the new year goodies but she can't. I promised her once she is feeling better, she can eat whatever she wants.
We went over to my Aunt's place as usual every year on the 2nd day of CNY. LZ enjoyed their cousins and youngest uncle's company the most. It seems like my youngest cousin's room is a playroom for the kids. Hehehe.... He has computer games, Xbox, PSP and a cosy bed for the kids. Besides that, he love kids! He never says no to the kids ;)

LZdaddy & me enjoyed chatting with the rest and I was busy taking pics with the little ones, baby Clare and baby Justin. This is the 1st year they are celebrating CNY with us :) Another person that I was very happy to see was my dear cousin, Fonia. Having her and Justin around is simply great! :)

Baby Clare with L.

My Aunt prepared lots of yummy food but poor daddy can't enjoy it at all :( He has not been enjoying all the food since New Year's eve.

In the evening, we had more than 20 guests in our house! LZdaddy & me, being the youngest for both sides of the family, we decided to invite our nieces & nephews to our house. It will be weird to invite our older siblings over when we are supposed to be visiting them. I heard it is good to have guests visiting during CNY period and they came over so that they can gamble too :p To our surpise, our siblings and my mother-in-law came too! The more the merrier! :)

LZ enjoyed the most! They have so many gorgors and jiejies playing with them. They did their part as the hosts, serving snacks to everyone. This gave them a chance to remember every one's name, especially Z. There were lots of laughter and fun!

Hours later, it was time for them to go home, except 3 of our niece & nephews, who were playing mahjong with me :) LZ were very well behaved, or they were probably very tired. They fell asleep as soon as they have showered, leaving us to continue with our game. The game didn't last long :( After abt 2 hours, they meet up with the rest at Zouk. Being the 3 oldest ones, they had to be there to make sure the rest will return home safe & sound.... At the end of the day, I realised I forgot to take pics of everyone!


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so envy....

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