Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swimming Updates

L has been learning swimming from this coach for a looooong time and yet to go for her test. Finally now they are preparing for it.

For the past 2 weeks she has been complaining tired and was reluctant to go for her lesson. It must be the coach's sudden change... Well, recently we have pushing the coach to be more firm and we question why our kids yet to go for any swimming test. Now I think he can sense some of us were not happy.

For this lesson, L enjoyed it better coz they are learning how to make a float with their pajamas. I may stop her lesson with him soon if I don't see any progress in her swimming skills. Her stroke is wrong and he doesn't make any attempt to change her. The only thing he did was telling her verbally. Haiz....


Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

I think if you are keen to let L take test, perhaps u may want to consider those Prof swimming schools like APS,think they set some kind of schedule for the children who are learning swimming.

I am also considering.. : P

Good Luck.


LZmommy said...

Thanks :)I have considered that and may be switching her soon. I have checked APS but it is not convenient for me :(

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