Monday, February 04, 2008

Z's Bento

Most of time when L has her swimming lesson, I will have to pack Z's dinner along. This is one of the dishes that I love preparing and Z loves it too :) I will usually pack a drink and some fruit too.

Ingredients used in this bacon pasta (I got the recipe from a magazine years ago):

  • macaroni
  • garlic
  • back bacon
  • parsley
  • capers
  • cherry tomatoes
  • capsicum

Methods :
  • fry bacon first
  • use the same frying pan to fry the garlic
  • add in tomatoes and capsicum
  • add bacon
  • add macaroni
  • add salt (optional as bacon is salty)
  • add in parsley & capers
  • mix well and serve


Angelcow said...

it looks great!

allthingspurple said...

thanks for sharing the recipe. Great to cook a non cheesy and a non tomato based pasta every now and then. I think Kimberly and Ashley will welcome this change

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