Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He Is Jealous

Lately, my boy tends to get jealous easily... I don't think I show him less attention.... He is 'fighting' for attention with jiejie, not that he has never done it before but lately it has been more frequent. Probably he speaks so well nowadays. Hehehe...

When we pick jiejie from school, L is always very excited to tell me the happenings in school. Hence, Z doesn't get the chance to talk to her or me. L will go on and on.... He tried to interrupt, but I told him nicely that he has to wait for his turn to talk. He was pretty upset.... "Why I don't get to talk to mommy?". I explained to him that since I pick him up first, he had his turn to tell me what he has been doing in school and it is only fair that jiejie get the chance to tell me too. It is good that he always cool down very fast, sometimes within seconds or minutes :)

When he heard jiejie telling me that she is the leader in class, he told me he is too :)

So I asked him

Me: So my handsome is a leader too? :)
Z : Yes! I am always the first in line and Ms B said I am the leader! Everyone has to follow me.
he looks so cute when he was saying this :)

When we go shopping, he complains when we look at girl's stuff too often.

Z : Not again! Why we always look at girl's stuffs. Girls girls girls!
Z : On man! Why here only have girl's things? Where is the boy's things?

My reply?
Me : Not true! We look at boy's stuffs too. Remember.....
I will have to name him those times when we look at his Thomas & friends and also cars.

Note : "Oh man!" is the words he loves to use :) When complaining, when I ask him to do something etc.... :)

Sometimes I think he finds it fun to 'fight' for attention with L :) He loves to see jiejie getting mad. He loves it when jiejie says "ZZzzzzzzz!" when he interrupt her. I know no matter what, he loves his jiejie :)

It is never easy to balance my time for my 2 kids.... But I try my best. I make effort to spend time with each of them. Sometimes, I get L to do some silent reading while I spend time with Z. And I get Z to play with his Thomas train while I spend time with L. Anyway, I think it is pretty common kids get jealous right? :)


Blessed mum said...

Z big boy liao...

Charmaine had been complaining recently too about me being unfair (making bento for Rachel and not her)...

Don't worry, I'm sure he knows you love him just as much but is just trying to get more! : )

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