Thursday, February 14, 2008

Updates From Teacher - L

Today while waiting for my friend to pick us up from L's school, L's form teacher approached me. I have seen her many times as I have been picking up L from school, I have been helping out in the library once a week and we have spoken on Orientation Day.

She told me that L forgot to bring Chinese storybook today and she was asked to stand up throughout while waiting for assembly to start. I felt so heartache.... It was partly my fault that I forgot to check her bag last night. I wasn't the only one who feel this way, her teacher told me she felt heartache too. You see, everyday the children are told to bring a storybook to school, so that they don't waste time doing nothing while waiting for the assembly to start. And every Thursdays & Fridays, they are to bring a Chinese storybook. Hmmm... I think Ms Liang likes her a lot to feel heartache too right ? Hehehe....

I took the chance to ask her how is L's progress. She gave very positive feedback :) She said L is very eloquent, smart and knows her work (I think I missed out something and I can't remembered what was it). She also said that L's English is very good and her Maths too, except that she tends to make careless mistakes for Maths.

I must mention that Ms Liang is very pretty and very nice too. No wonder L likes her so much :) L told me she once drew a pic for Ms Liang, saying that she likes her :) That's has always been one of L's way of expressing her liking for someone. So can you imagine all these years how many drawings have I received from her? Hehehe.....

Sidetrack... (I want to write this down before I forget) The other day (11/2), L told me she was the only one (chosen by her teacher) who told her classmates how she celebrated CNY. I am very proud of her! Besides being the only one, she is able to speak out loud in front of her classmates :) I think her old school, show & tell sessions helped... Back then, she probably had 15 classmates compared to now.

Before Ms Liang leaves, she asked me if I have a handphone number and told me to call her anytime if I have things to discuss/feedback to her. So sweet right? After she left, I praised & hugged L for doing well. That is something I will not forget to do when someone praise her :)

Now, I better remind L to bring a Chinese storybook or she will be punish again....


Janice said...

Its always nice to get feedback from the teachers (esp positive ones). However, I try my best not to bother my colleague ... i.e asking them about yHang, etc .. but occassionally, I do get some informal feedback LOL

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