Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 3 & 4

Day 3

Decided to rest at home in the day as L was still not feeling well.

In the evening, we went to their godparents' house to surprise Godma with a birthday cake. Knowing that she doesn't fancy cake, we bought her an ice-cream cake instead. I think LZ were happier than her! :p It was supposed to be a surprise for her but L was too excited that she blurted it out.

Godma has not been feeling well too.... Hope she will recover soon....

Day 4

We were supposed to go to a few places but all of us were very tired. We only went to my cousin's place in the afternoon. LZ had fun playing with my cousin's hamsters. And I thought those were her children's pets! :) L loves it and I know if I do buy hamsters for them, she would takes very good care of it. Z felt ticklish initially and he slowly warm up to it. One of them poo poo on him and the other fell asleep on his lap :)


Rachel.S said...

Sure L will take good care of them!

R pester me to buy her hamster too but doubt R can take good care of it.....

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