Friday, February 15, 2008


SLIM & LITE PSP (PlayStation Portable)- Felicia Blue
Pic from Sony

Daddy surprised me with THIS!!! And I bought him........... NOTHING! I thought we both have agreed not to spend money on Valentine's Day. THANK YOU, MY LOVE!

He knows I spend lots of time waiting whenever LZ go for classes and most of the time, I read story books. Now with this, I can do more than just reading :) LZdaddy is a very sweet man.... He never buy himself expensive gift after we got married but he is willing to buy it for me. If he likes something that is expensive, he will says "That can wait.... " . When I see something nice that I thought of buying for LZ or myself, he will say "Don't need to ask me, go ahead". LZdaddy, I appreciate what you have done for us and thank you for being such a wonderful husband, daddy, friend etc.... :)

Now, I will have to keep this away from LZ. Hehehe...


Rachel.S said...

So sweet of LZdaddy : )

Happy Valentine Day!

everydayhealy said...

LOL! LZDaddy so sweet and very sensible ler... Your really got a fantastic husband!

How I wish my daddy is sensible enough to think what do I need instead of just a bouquet for Valentines day. hehe...

Ricket said...

That's nice, so you can get for him some games that he likes.

Angelcow said...

So nice of him!!:)

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