Tuesday, February 19, 2008

School Dental Visit

L has been complaining toothache for the past few days. My friend, Michelle reminded me that she can visit the Dental in school instead. Thanks Michelle for telling me that :)

She told one of her teachers and she arranged for her to visit the dentist during recess today. I was disappointed.... That is the time that she needs to have a meal. My poor girl came home feeling very hungry. Anyway, they did not pull out her tooth as it is not shaky enough to be extracted. They didn't give her anything to ease the pain too. My sweetie will have to bear with the pain :(

She was very happy with the dental visit :) They gave her set of tooth paste & toothbrush. They also gave a card, every she brushes her teeth, she will have to colour it. When she has complete the ccard, they will reward her with stickers.


hunnybunz said...

Sometimes, the nurses take the children out during curriculum time. The children miss lessons and if their tooth is extrated, the will not be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. I took my son out of the dental programme altogether .. but have to spend time and money to bring him to private dentals every 6 months

Rachel.S said...

Hey.. u can actually request a time slot for them to call L (like after recess in my case, so that she can eat before extraction and won't have to go hungry).

They applied numbing lotion on the affected area so she won't feel the pain at all. :)

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