Sunday, February 17, 2008

Emergency Drill

The school had Emergency Drill on Friday (15th Feb). The school has asked PSG(Parent Support Group) mommies to help out and I am glad to be involved :) It is the time for the teachers and staffs to practice the drill. Some of us were distressed parents, reporters and others were onlookers. I was acting as 1 of the mommies who's child was seriously injured.

By 0735hr, 4 mommies, including me arrived at the school. L was wondering why I was in her school so early :) I was not supposed to tell her but I couldn't contained the excitement. Hehehe... I briefly explained to her what will I be doing but I think she didn't understand till later.

We were to meet the students (1 class from P6) and the teacher in charge. I thought we were supposed to meet them (our so called children) only and didn't expect we need to apply BLOOD for them. I never know applying paint on the students were fun! Some were reluctant to put on and told us we can't apply on their faces. But most of them were ok with it, they even told me "Auntie, I am seriously injured and I don't think I have enough blood on my body". The boy who acted as my 'son' was one of the seriously injured too. I think we put on make up for at least 20 of them.

After that, we were to leave the school and wait for the call to tell us when to 'action'. Meantime, we met with the rest at the hawker centre. It was a good time for me to mingle with the rest.

The call came, we went in groups to the front gate of the school and made a scene and making calls to the school. By then, the students were evacuated from the buildings, L and the rest of the P1s were right in front of the main gate where I was. That actually attracted the real onlookers! I must say that some of the mommies acting were so real. They climbed over the walls and gates! We also tried to force our way in, banging on the gates etc.

Then another mommy and I were 'invited' in to find out what happen to our 'sons' . We were brought into their counselling room and waited for the news. All these time, we had the school's media club filming us. Wow! We had 3 minutes of fame. Hahaha....

Overall, I think the school is quite well prepared but of coz things could be worst in real life situation. The staffs in the general office could have handled the situation better.... When we made the calls to the office,

they said : Errrr... This is just a drill.
Me : I know and I am not XXX's mommy too. We are from PSG and we were told to make calls to you this is a drill for you too.

They took quite a while to call us back to updates parents and they hung up some of our calls too. The school also realised that they need to have more staffs at the side gates to handle parents who were trying to break in. As for the P1s, I think they enjoyed it coz they were like watching a movie. Hahaha...

My duty was over by 11am when it was time for me to pick Z up. Before I leave, I managed to talk to L and her classmates. Poor kids, they were thirsty by then and it was water rationing on that day too (that means no water at the cooler) . I was glad that L brought her water bottle to school. She told me that they were given a drink coupon for the day but the P1s thought it was something very precious that they didn't utilise it :) She also said that they know more abt the drill after the assembly and that's when they got to watch the clips. See? I am famous in her school now. Hahaha....


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