Friday, February 08, 2008

Eve & 1st Day Of CNY

LZ have been looking forward to CNY (Chinese New Year), the gatherings and unlimited of snacks, bak kwa etc.... Things didn't turn out the way L hope for though.... She was down with flu & slight cough last night.

Last night, reunion dinner was a rush for us. In fact every year, it has been like that for us. We had to rush to finish our housework (but this year was so much better coz daddy helped A LOT), then rush to my mother-in-law's place. Spent 2 hours or more with them and we had to rush over to my dad's place. My parents simply refused to do it earlier... Haiz...

Anyway, how often do you get to eat different kind of meal in a night? :) Steamboat at my in-law's place and my favourite chicken rice (& other food too) at my parents'. When we arrived at my parents' house, I thought LZ were too full to eat (like last year) but I was wrong. They had another full meal again! L ate lots of abalone & Z had a BIG drumstick too! Seems like I have someone to fight over the drumsticks with from now on ;) Poor LZdaddy..... There were so much food that he can't enjoy... I only remember that he ate lots of vegetables, fish balls and chicken.

After the heavy meals, we rushed home to finish up the last minute cleaning.

Day 1
This morning, L vomited and had slight fever AND conjunctivitis. She probably got conjunctivitis from me as I just recovered from it. We thought she would be better after a nap but we were wrong... She woke up and vomited 3 times. We decided to bring her to the clinic. Thank goodness the 24hr clinic near our house was opened. Fever, flu, cough, gastric flu & eye infection..... For all these, she has 5 kinds of medicine and the price is doubled for the first 2 days of CNY.

Z with 2 of their favourite cousins

When we arrived at my in-law(MIL)'s house and after having a very small bowl of porridge, we sent L to my brother-in-law's room to nap again. Z may have all the attention from everyone but I sensed that he missed jiejie being around with him. He asked a couple of time how was jiejie and wanted to go up and see her. I missed her while she was napping too...
They had fun!

L didn't wake up till it was time for yusheng. I was glad when she told me she feel like eating :) Finally she was able to join in the fun :) I thought the younger generation was messy when they had the yusheng and I never thought that our generation was just as messy as them! :)
Look at the mess!

My dad chopping up the chicken for the waiting guests. I think since yesterday, he has cooked at least 3 whole chicken!

After that, we went over to my parents' house. By then, L was so much better but still feel weak. I was surprised to see my childhood friend that I have not seen for ages! She is married and has a cute little boy who is 1 yr younger than Z. My Dad prepared a sumptuous meal again :) Chicken rice (again), mutton soup, duck etc.... I had to say this again, LZdaddy did not get to enjoy most of it....


Rachel.S said...

Poor LZ daddy..

L really looked weak in the photos..Poor girl

It must be nice to meet up with long lost friend!

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

Sorry to learn that L was down, hope she is well now.

Nice to hear of all the gatherings. especially on such occassion.. : )


InspiredMumof2 said...

Thanks, for dropping by my blog. Hope your girl feels better today. Quite interesting to read about CNY and your bakes too :-)

mamabliss said...

wow all these food is making me super hungry at this time...kekeke

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