Thursday, March 26, 2009


That's the number of babies Sunshine gave birth to! I was out with LZdaddy (I was out of the house for shopping as soon as my nanny left. Hehehe....) and when we got home, LZ excitedly told us that. Our pets celebrate Beanie's Full Month with us too! Hahaha....

We are planning to give the babies away once the mommy stops nursing them. So anyone interested? Of coz you must be an animal lover. LZ were sad that we planned to give them away. I told them keeping 7 of them will too much to handle and besides, Sunshine will give birth to more babies.


jean said...

Jane, remember not to touch the babies yet cos, if there is a foreign smell the mummy may or will kill the babies. It happened to ours.

I didn't know and shifted the babies even with a stick or something also cannot. And don't keep looking or going too near to cage if not the mummy felt threatened or stressed will also kill them.

Just quickly replenish mummy's food and go. I know it hard cos it is so excited to watch but..... until babies grow furs then I think they are old enough to feed by themselves.

meanwhile, enjoy them! :-)

Wonderful Life said...

Yeee.... so tiny and red! Honestly, I feel geli seeing these... :P

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! 7!!!!!! A lot wor..

Angeline said...

Wow!!!! Shuang - Xi ah!!!!

Rachel said...

wow! this is so exciting! Did LZ watch the birth of these little ones?! It must be a very educational lesson for them!

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