Monday, February 01, 2010

Bento #150 (2 sets)

In the boxes: Drumlets, rice, edamame, cucumber, sliced lotus roots, shaped carrots, container with ketchup, water apples and longan.    

It was very kind of the security to let me drive in to park my car today.  They even let me park at the wheelchair lot which is under the shade when he knows Beanie was sleeping in the car.  From what I know, most schools do not allow parents to drive in... I think probably some parents abuse it.  I hope the school will not stop anytime soon...  Otherwise poor Beanie will have to walk with me to the school if we have to park somewhere else.

L wanted to eat in the car with her friend.  Initially I said ok but on second thought, I shouldn't let them...  I shouldn't be abusing it right? Anyway, they should be having their recess in the canteen.

I think I have to stop sending lunch to school... I will have to pack their lunch for the 1st recess instead.  Little Beanie is either sleeping or about to sleep when I am ready to go out.


Louisa May said...

lovely bento !!

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